Coerced Meditation

Any Alan Watts fans out there? There is a video on youtube, of him discussing meditation. He brings up the subject of erm.. let's just say, "coerced meditation", where you have no other choice but to think about nothing. Nothing to focus on, no...

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Femdom Fantasies By Phone- Mistress Cassandra

Exactly what can be done on a Femdom phone domination line. So much can be discussed and even played out physically. Are you good at self bondage? Do you have sex toys to play with while your Mistress directs you? Do you love the sound of a...

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Coerced Bi Goddess Rachel?

Like that little play on words? Coerced bi fantasies are one of the most popular kinks among My femdom phone sex playmates. I bet you thought you were alone in your fantasies, huh? Maybe you thought there were plenty of guys who were bisexual,...

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Cock Control Femdom Sites You Might Not Know About

Hi, everybody! I'm taking over the blog here just for a moment to let you know about some sites and services that you might not be aware of. Enchantrix has a lot of perks, and speaking of perks, that's the first service I'm here to tell you about....

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Call a Femdom: What’s Your Reason

Why would you call a Femdom? Some people baffle over why someone would want to be dominated let alone call someone to do such a thing. I think it speaks to the narrow and somewhat puritanical views that still pervade our society when it comes to sexuality....

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Hot MILF Dominatrix: Discover Her Secret

Let's face it: You know your neighbor married me, because I was 10 years younger than him, super sexy and hot, and had him wrapped around my finger. I married him, because he treated me like a Princess, fucked me like a whore, and I want for nothing. But...

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Ebony Facesitting: Keep My Pussy Happy

Men always talk trash about how a woman needs to keep their dick happy. In the Ebony Femdom domain, though, you better keep my pussy happy, and I don't give a damn about your dick. If you want to please me, and you want pussy privileges, you will learn and...

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Confess Your Domination Fantasies to Mistress Piper

Here you are, checking out a Domination Phone Sex website. I'll bet your family and friends would be shocked if they found out you were submissive. I, on the other hand, am not shocked at all. You're totally the type of man who seeks a dominant woman to...

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Mornings with Mistress: Femdom Caning & Facesitting

Every morning before I send you off to work, you start your day with Goddess nectar, and a good firm femdom caning. It helps you focus; it helps you replenish and prepare for your day. And the marks across your back and thighs, put so much joy inside of...

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