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It’s Time to Call Us for BDSM Phone Sex – Photo posted on Wikimedia by Exey Panteleev

Call For Domination is a blog specializing in Female Superiority over men.  We are highly experienced, world class Mistresses with a preference for mental domination first before the physical

We are predatory by nature and men are our prey.  Let’s consider a one night stand that did not work out the way you thought it would.  Before you knew it, we would tie you up to the bed teasing you all night and send you on your way afterward.  We can sense submission in most men.  Some are willing victims and others we have to mind fuck it out of them.  Either way your place is to give over total control to us.

We seduce you to draw you in then once you are trapped we will mix it up with such ice cold cruel  intentions.  We will make you crave us like a drug.  Both the hot and cold sides of us will lure you in as our prey.

Our Mistresses do both sensual and hard core domination.   Our versatility seems to confuse some men.  However it just shows how talented we are.  Doesn’t it, slut?   Not every submissive wants the same thing.  Well, we are not always in the same mood.  Some times we want a sub who will kiss our feet, orally please us, kiss our ass, and wait on us hand and foot.  Another moment we might want to pull down your pants and spank your ass raw then make you crawl on your belly like a worm.

We are interested in what you have to say.  Please remember when you call that we are not psychic.  Be truthful about your desires and what turns you on and off.  We will not judge you or criticize you for your fantasy.  You’d be amazed at what we’ve heard from men.  Men never stop surprising us though.  Just when we thought we heard it all there’s something new to explore.

So, when you call us please open your mind and share your fantasy with us.  Remember, we are Ladies and you will always treat us as such.  As a gentleman, cross dresser, pussy boy, or sissy you will give yourself to us eventually.  Yes, we as Dommes even say please sometimes to our subs and slaves.  We may say it sweetly and seductively.  How ever it is said, you do as you are told.  Then a minute later we might tell you what a fucking bitch you are and make you beg.  Be prepared for unexpected surprises at every turn.