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Our primary goal is to bring together fantasy artists who believe that, when done right, phone fantasy can be the perfect outlet for an extremely wide variety of erotic desires.

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Coerced Meditation

Any Alan Watts fans out there? There is a video on youtube, of him discussing meditation. He brings up the subject of erm.. let's just say, "coerced meditation", where you have no other choice but to think about nothing. Nothing to focus on, no...

Coerced Bi Goddess Rachel?

Like that little play on words? Coerced bi fantasies are one of the most popular kinks among My femdom phone sex playmates. I bet you thought you were alone in your fantasies, huh? Maybe you thought there were plenty of guys who were bisexual,...

Call a Femdom: What’s Your Reason

Why would you call a Femdom? Some people baffle over why someone would want to be dominated let alone call someone to do such a thing. I think it speaks to the narrow and somewhat puritanical views that still pervade our society when it comes to sexuality....

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