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Our primary goal is to bring together fantasy artists who believe that, when done right, phone fantasy can be the perfect outlet for an extremely wide variety of erotic desires.

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Submission Assignment

There is a space where what you want and what I need meet, and in that space we can have so much fun together. Let me tell you what I want from you: your total and abject submission. If that stirred up some emotion in you, well then we can talk about it, because that...

Cock Tease Afternoon

One of the most rewarding things any submissive can do is to devote themselves to the worship and service of a Mistress. No matter what specific fetishes and kinky games blow your skirt up, for a submissive, just having that special someone to devote their submission...

How to Submit

How To Submit Whether you are new to the BDSM world or have some experience, be aware that there is a proper way to be of service. That is exactly what your job description is serving mistress. I will give you some tips here on how to...

Bondage Domination Assignment

I love to dominate you and make you my bitch. Sometimes I just want to lock you up and drive you crazy, which makes this bondage domination assignment especially fun! Here's what you'll need for this assignment: A pair of locking handcuffs and the key to...

DIY BDSM Assignment

Even if you don't have an in house dungeon, there are still fun ways to experiment right at home with DIY BDSM. Specifically impact play, and we're going to explore that, and tools you can find around the house, for you, or your partner, to spank you with....

Coerced Meditation

Any Alan Watts fans out there? There is a video on youtube, of him discussing meditation. He brings up the subject of erm.. let's just say, "coerced meditation", where you have no other choice but to think about nothing. Nothing to focus on, no...

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