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Our primary goal is to bring together fantasy artists who believe that, when done right, phone fantasy can be the perfect outlet for an extremely wide variety of erotic desires.

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Confess Your Domination Fantasies to Mistress Piper

Here you are, checking out a Domination Phone Sex website. I'll bet your family and friends would be shocked if they found out you were submissive. I, on the other hand, am not shocked at all. You're totally the type of man who seeks a dominant woman to...

Mornings with Mistress: Femdom Caning & Facesitting

Every morning before I send you off to work, you start your day with Goddess nectar, and a good firm femdom caning. It helps you focus; it helps you replenish and prepare for your day. And the marks across your back and thighs, put so much joy inside of...

Femdom Empowerment – KonMari Trash Dick

There's this new craze that a lot of people are talking about. The KonMari method of organizing, where you throw anything away that does not speak to your soul, replenish your energy, or bring you joy. I thought I would apply this to dick. And since this...

Ms. EmmaJane on Queening

I Am the Queen, You are My Throne I am your femdom, your dominant, your queen, your mistress, and it is your duty to serve me, even if that means I wish to use you as a special piece of my human furniture. While I sometimes allow you to indulge in body...

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