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Our primary goal is to bring together fantasy artists who believe that, when done right, phone fantasy can be the perfect outlet for an extremely wide variety of erotic desires.

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Feminine Power is Useful in Chastity Training

Feminine Power Sexual power has traditionally been depicted as a other words, a big fat dick. This is not only sexist and politically incorrect in 2018 but it also tells half the story. For years, you have prided yourself on having...

Miss Rachel will Peg you by Proxy

So, you're a fan of a good strap-on fucking, but you're not sure it translates to Femdom phone sex? You're in luck! It most certainly does! I call it pegging by proxy, because I will take such ownership of your mind that you will swear it's Me,...

Phone Domination: What is It

Hello there, fans of Domination. Guest blogger Mistress Erika here! Are you an experienced submissive? Looking for a Dominatrix? Curious about phone Domination? Either way you are here and I know you. You think of a sexy woman Dominating you....

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